Stone House Systems, Inc.

Stone House Systems, Inc.

Design and Business Goals

  • Make media fun: Our software tools are designed to be pleasant - even fun - to use. Planners like our products, and that encourages them to experiment, to think about the problems before them, and to apply their imaginations to media planning tasks. One AMD told us that he was drooling when he first got to play with T-View (that's good, we think), and a Media Director kidded that the only problem with T-View was that it made media so enjoyable that he feared he would be flooded with job applications.

  • Serious media tools: Our reach/frequency systems are designed with state-of-the-art mathematics and a deep understanding of audience patterns. While most of these details are hidden "under the hood", you can be assured that you're getting the best technical methods in the industry.

  • Assist the sell: We want our products to help support and sell your media plans, not just to do backroom calculations. Reports are crisp, attractive and laser-clear. In T·View, all of the usual supporting media numbers are there, with the addition of more tools (like Copyreach, and Switchpitch) that provide a unique dimension.

  • Individualized attention: We work with a small client base, allowing us to quickly respond to your concerns and needs. If you like, we encourage planners to contact us by phone or e-mail for questions and suggestions.

  • Total coverage: We site license our products, which means we encourage you to use them freely within your office on as many computers as you like for a single price. As a former agency research director, I wanted to eliminate the usual scramble for the anointed computer that had some needed program.

  • Attractive pricing: We prefer a business model in which we work with a limited number of clients, requiring limited overhead, and permitting us to offer excellent value.

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