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Kevin C. Killion

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Kevin Killion is the principal of Stone House Systems, Inc., providing services and software tools for media planning and research.

SHS' key product has been T•View, a respondent-based television and online planning and optimization system. (T•View was also white-labelled as PTV, opTV, Cadence and TV PROF.) In 2015, Kevin sold T•View to Mediaocean in New York, which continues support for the system.

Other media industry products from Kevin and Stone House Systems have included:

Kevin has a reputation as a crusader on user interface issues in computer applications to advertising. He has spoken to a number of advertising and computer industry meetings on such subjects as user interface, media reach and frequency algorithms, event-driven programming and cross-platform development; he is the author (or has been interviewed) for a number of articles on these and other subjects in computer and media trade magazines.

He is a former president of the Media Research Club of Chicago, a former Media Decisions Media All-Star, and former ARF workshop Chair.

Prior to starting SHS in 1991, Kevin was Vice President and Media Research Director of DDB Needham (now OMD) in Chicago. Before that, Kevin was a media research supervisor at Leo Burnett, and a systems analyst at United Computing Systems and CBS WBBM Radio. He received his M.B.A. from the University of Chicago and his bachelor's in mathematics from Loyola University.

Kevin was the author of Exstatix™, a popular data analysis system (rated 4 1/2 on a scale of 1 to 5 by MacUser magazine) and the earlier Statistics with DAISY™. Years ago, Kevin wrote the front end for the very first C language compiler for the Mac (Softworks C). At a MacHack computer conference, Kevin's presentation on a client/server project was voted by attendees as "Best Paper." As a system analyst, Kevin designed and developed numerous computer applications for clients in a wide variety of industries.

Kevin's "offline" interests today include education reform, books on Chicago, genealogy, and radio station call letter jingles, and he served a term as president of his local Rotary Club. As a historical note, Kevin holds a now-obsolete FCC Radiotelephone First Class license.

Kevin and his wife Debby (née Stonehouse), have a son, Chris.

Personal Notes

Media as Destiny?

Some people are destined for great things. Others are destined for, well, television ratings, apparently. Here's an envelope sent by the "A. C. Nielsen" company on Howard Street in Chicago, containing lots of information about television ratings -- in response to a request I sent -- when I was 14!

Today, I'm still bugging the Nielsen folks with requests for more information.



  • Here are a few photos I've taken of a few interesting places with curiously-chosen names.

  • A scene in the Clint Eastwood movie Flag of our Fathers was filmed a couple of blocks from my previous home. Click here for some photos I took of Eastwood and the procedings!

  • Some pix of the group I hung around with in late high school, early college. I'd love to learn where they all are now!

    Miscellany and Ephemera

    What songs am I missing on the list of "Unknown Originals," songs that were made far more famous by cover artists?

    I've been adding more words of wisdom to Kev's Collection of Cool Quotes from some famous and not-famous people about all kinds of stuff.

    You're new to Chicago's North Shore, and you're afraid you're going to starve to death? Here's our tips and reassurances that you can find great, informal, family-friendly places to eat around here: Family Dining on the North Shore.

    If you have young children, take this Goodnight Moon Trivia Quiz.

    Every so often, I try to find a moment to dig up some additional genealogy tidbit.


    My wife Debby and I have written a bit on some of our favorite trips, and maybe you'd enjoy reading about some of our discoveries.
    • I've been negligent in posting recent trip reports. But I'd love to chat with you about any of this!
      • 2023: Cruise in southern Caribbean
      • 2022: Touring the national parks of Utah and Arizona
      • 2019: Dream trip to Amalfi, Rome, Orvietto, Siena, Florence, Venice and more!
      • 2018: Nashville!
      • 2017: A week of fun through Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska to see the total eclipse of the sun
      • 2016: Costa Rica!
      • 2015: Maui
      • 2014: Caribbean

    • In 2011, we visited my cousin Mick Killion in Fairbanks, and that trip turned me into an evangelist for Alaska vacations! We travelled from Fairbanks, via train to Anchorage, down to Seward on the coast, and on a glacier day-cruise. What a gorgeous part of the earth! (Alternate link)

    • In 2000 we spent three weeks traveling through Germany, western Austria, Venice, and Switzerland! Here is one episode: our stay at a family home in Berchtesgaden.

    • In 1998, we had a terrific time absorbing as much fun as we could driving through Colorado on a two-week vacation.
    • In 1995, I drew the lucky straw and got to take a business trip to London. Here are notes on my solo adventures in London.
    • In 1994, we explored Washington State, a thoroughly refreshing adventure with an amazing variety of sights and things to do.
    • In 1991, we spent two weeks driving through Oregon, and loved just about every minute of it -- it's a beautiful state.
    • Although it was now a long time ago, our 1986 honeymoon in Ireland was magical and wonderful. This write-up covers some of our best-loved adventures, sights, B&Bs, and other tips.
    • I'm definitely a fan of rail travel, and for all kinds of reasons, but I thought I'd tell some stories about people on trains to try to give the flavor of riding the rails.

    Places I've Visited

    Today's image of the sun

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