The World's Hardest
Media Questions

So, you think you're a media god? Do group media directors grovel before you to seek your wisdom and sage advice? Do ratings companies quiver in your presence? Do you get a lot of free lunches?

Then take this challenge: the world's hardest media questions!

Only a media superstar will successfully answer all of these questions!

  1. Our media plan calls for Daytime and Prime television. Daytime has a rating of 6 for our demo, and Prime has a rating of 12. If we put half of our weight on Daytime, and the other half on Prime, what will be the average rating of the whole schedule?

  2. A schedule is placed against a target of Total Women. The plan produces a 60 reach and a 3 frequency. Does this mean that the average woman sees the ad:

  3. Crazy Louie's is a struggling appliance dealer in East Gumshoe. Some folks think Louie should spend more on advertising. Recently, Crazy Louie's had only two ads! First, Crazy Louie ran a spot in a television program viewed by 10,000 people. A week later, the East Gumshoe Gazette carried a Crazy Louie's ad seen by its 4,800 readers. However, 1,200 of those readers had already seen the Crazy Louie ad on television.

    What is the population of East Gumshoe?

  4. Joe Sixpack moves into a new house. Finding that his area is not passed by cable, he buys one of those fancy new satellite receivers. The instructions tell him to point the dish towards a certain place in the southern sky. But to Joe's disappointment, no matter which way he aims the dish, it's always pointing north! Why is Joe having so much trouble?

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